+20 Health services

Staffing and services

The health centre currently employs:

  • 1 clinical officer (in charge of the day-to-day running)
  • 1 senior enrolled nurse
  • 2 enrolled mid-wives
  • 1 laboratory assistant
  • 1 ambulance driver and mechanic
  • 2 support staff for cleaning and security

    Musichimi health centre (reception), Busia district

To date, the health centre provides the following services:

  • Health education and promotion program
    1. food safety
    2. immunization
    3. community waste management
    4. prevention and control of malaria
    5. prevention and control of HIV/Aids
  • Curative and clinical services
    1. outpatient diagnosis and treatment
    2. functional laboratory for malaria diagnosis and treatment

      Photo: Clinical laboratory
  • Preventive services
    1. conduct school for public health
    2. environmental health and sanitation
    3. immunizations
    4. growth monitoring
    5. HIV counseling
  • Surveillance for special diseases
    1. AFP poliomyelitis
    2. leprosy
    3. measles
    4. neonatal tetanus
    5. weekly epidemiological surveillance
    6. injuries
  • Maternal and child health
  • Outreach services
  • The health centre checks the health status of schools in the area, i.e. conditions relating to latrine, access to safe water, hand-washing facilities, food hygiene, waste disposal provision, promotion of nutrition gardens and made recommendations to the Ministry of Education.