Ambulance vehicle

The vehicle before refurbishment as an ambulance

The motorcycle ambulance donated by the Belgian non-profit organization Memisa in 2016 proved to be not a workable solution. The axle joining the ambulance part to the motorcycle being rigid, it can only be used on smooth surfaces, but not on dirt roads with deep potholes as the ones surrounding the clinic.

This is why an ambulance vehicle has been donated by Tim Zajontz, Friends of Uganda (Germany) for referrals to the nearest hospital, located at a distance of ca. 40 km (in the town of Busia), and Tim brought it over. Thank you very much, Tim!

The customs clearing of the vehicle took several moths and necessary repairs have been made. The vehicle is operational now and has been called out already 20 times. With funds from Belgian private donors Fr. Vincent built an ambulance garage.

Clinic officer Alfred in front of ambulance shelter