New project 2018:
staff quarters

News about the building of the new staff quarters!!!!!

A very, very big thanks to all donors for the generous and ever so kind donations you made, especially on the occasion of my 75. Birthday! We have done so much with this money and I would like to share our achievements with you thanks to whom they were possible.

You remember we had already started with the constructions of the new staff quarters at the Musichimi Health Centre which will allow the staff to be quartered away from the patients, which is not the case at the moment, but which is a legal requirement. The foundations and the concrete slab  had already been put. With your and our own donations we have added the walls and will now start on the roof. All in all we spent 8000 Euros on these investments.

Here’s a photo of the construction process:

The old staff quarters

As soon as the maternity ward project was realized (January 2018) we started on a new one: building new staff quarters.

At the moment the staff is housed in the right wing of the clinic building next to the mens’ ward. Each staff member has a room.  Cooking is done in the inner court. There is a latrine for the use of the staff.

Staff stay on the premises the whole year round, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, except for the personal leave periods.  They are visited by family members, including children. At the moment, staff and visitors live in close proximity with the sick. This situation is not healthy, especially in view of the rising numbers of in-door patients. As was the case with the expecting mothers and newborns, the need is felt to separate staff from the patients. This is why Fr. Vincent as managing director conceived the project to build new, simple staff quarters at a short distance from the clinic building on the plot of the clinic. Bricks have already been bought with donation money. At the end of August 2018, another 1200 Euros were transferred to the clinic account for the new staff quarters.

Once the new staff quarters are operational, the liberated wing will become a children’s ward.

So far this project is completely dependent on private donations t so the construction process will take some time.  Whenever we can and whenever we receive donations, we send the money so that another step can be realized.

We are confident to achieve our objective. The staff is very happy with the idea.  They are dedicated to their job and have been with us for many years. So it is our aim to keep them happy and healthy.

The new staff quarters will be located outside the clinic which can be seen in the background. We are building them gradually as donations come in. For now we have bought bricks

and sand.

Staff quarters foundation in Octobre 2018.